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Palm Sunday: The Lord's Triumphant Entry

The 6th Sunday of Lent, April 5, 2020

Dear Jesus,

We ask you to save us today. Save our world, our families, and ourselves from sin, sickness, and fear. Come into our hearts and into our lives. Help us always live for you.




Have you heard of this word before?

Hosanna means Please save! Today, it is a word used to praise Jesus and give him honor because this was the word people people shouted on his way into Jerusalem a week before he was crucified for our sins.


Watch this short video about Palm Sunday and how we use palm branches from

Unfortunately, our churches are not allowed to hand out palm branches at this time. There are plenty of ways to make a paper palm leaf with your parents. Here is a link to a palm leaf craft!



Why did Jesus ride a donkey into Jerusalem?! Why not a racing horse? Watch this short video below by Drive Thru History.

The Holy Week Challenge: Walk with Jesus while at home!

Sunday: Make palm branches out of paper or real leaves and sing Hosanna as loud as you can! Then watch Mass Online!

Monday: Pray for those suffering from the Coronavirus. Listen to the Mass readings here.

Tuesday: Pray for the doctors and nurses who are helping patients with the Coronavirus. Listen to the Mass readings here.

Wednesday: Pray for your families to grow closer to Jesus during this time. Listen to the Mass readings here.

Thursday: Jesus washes the feet of his disciples after the Passover meal and shows them how to be a servant. Wash someone’s feet in your family and/or do a chore that you know would really help your parents. Watch a livestreamed Mass with Bishop Kettler here at 7pm.

Good Friday: Jesus is crucified for us and for our salvation. Light a candle and set up a special area for your family to think about Jesus. Read the Mass Gospel readings together with your family found here or listen to the audio. Pray the stations of the cross found in your packet or online.

Saturday: Help your parents with Easter preparations. Clean the house, cook something, help watch younger siblings. Listen to the daily Mass readings.

Sunday: This is the day that Jesus rose again! Shout Allelujah! Watch Mass Online and celebrate Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus!


Type in HOSANNA or tell us what you did for Holy Week in the comments below! (It will ask for your email, but this will be private).

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