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Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

The 5th Sunday of Lent, March 29, 2020

Dear Jesus,

Help us to see that you have the power to do anything! Please show us your glory today. Please bring healing to the sick and miracles to impossible situations. Help us to trust in you.


The video above is the story found in John 11:1-45. This chapter has the shortest verse ever recorded in the Bible! Do you know what it is?


Answer: John 11:35 Jesus wept. (Click on the link for the verse and see if you can find the shortest verse!)


Imagine, this story takes place before Jesus himself died on the cross. This was before he himself rose from the grave. Lazarus was Jesus' buddy, and now Lazarus was dead. How do you suppose Jesus felt?


He cried.


How did Lazarus's two sisters, Mary and Martha feel about this situation?

Did they think Jesus was there in time?


Of course, they would be very sad about their brother dying. Did they hope Jesus would heal their brother before he had died?


Now, what was Jesus going to do-- do you think they thought Jesus could raise Lazarus from the dead?


It can be difficult to trust in Jesus about all things. What did Jesus end up doing for Lazarus?


He made him become alive again!


Jesus said in John 11:25-26:  

I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will never die.

Then Jesus asked Martha, Do you believe this? She said yes!


Believing in the resurrection of Jesus is the most important truth in the Catholic faith. At that time, he had not even died yet! But not only did he have the power to raise up other people from the dead, he would soon raise himself up from the dead. Do you believe this?


We also can trust Him that in the end, we will all be raised to life! When we die, if we are following Jesus, we will be able to spend eternal life with Him in Heaven, where all the angels and saints are. And this is a great hope we all have!


Let's pray the prayer Jesus taught us and remember to let God have His will be done in our lives.

Leave a comment or prayer request below! HAVE A BLESSED WEEK!

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