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Live Mass on Facebook, April 8, 2020

Mass April 8, 2020

Live on Facebook Wednesday @ 8:30 am


Lectionary 259:

This morning at Mass, Father Omar, reflected on the Gospel of today and made a comparison between Peter and Judas. This is a summary of the homily:

Jesus suffered not only physically but also emotionally. I think we know the pain of being betrayed: one of your friends, with whom you spent much time, one day decides that he doesn’t want to do anything with you anymore, and why not making some money out of it (if possible) and bam! betrays you, as if you were an object.

Jesus suffered deep wounds. The Book of Hebrew ch. 4 says: “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who has similarly been tested in every way

Jesus understands our pains better than ourselves. I will give you a few other examples: Jesus was homeless (Mt8:20) His family thought that he was out of his mind (Mt12:46) His best friends turned their back on him (Mt26:56) He was shamed publicly (Mk14:65) He endured periods of hunger (Mk11:12) He received all kinds of criticism (Jn5:1). He suffered rejection like none of us has ever suffered and the list goes on.

So next time we pray , let us keep in mind that God probably understands very well our pain and  what we are going thru.


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