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Live Mass on Facebook, April 7, 2020

Mass April 7, 2020

Live on Facebook Tuesday @ 8:30 am


This morning at Mass, Father Omar, reflected on the Gospel of today and made a comparison between Peter and Judas. This is a summary of the homily:

There is a big difference between Peter and Judas. The heart of Judas was not centered on Jesus but on money and power. But the heart of Peter was centered on Jesus. When the world collapses –it is no secret that this pandemic is hurting very badly the world economy; those who like Judas have put their trust in money and the temporary realities of this world don’t know what to do. We know that Judas made a terrible decision when he saw his world collapsing. On the other hand, Peter had put his trust in The Lord: He was the first to confess that Jesus was the Messiah! And yes, we know that Peter denied Jesus three times when his world was collapsing, but later on Peter found mercy and forgiveness in the Risen Lord. Jesus restored the hope of Peter and gave him a great commission: take care of my sheep!

Can you see the difference?

Therefore, my dear brother and sister, I invite you to place your trust in The Lord because this world and this heaven will pass away, as The Bible tells us, but His Word will not pass away. (Mt 24:35)


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