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Happy Thanksgiving Update

Hello parents of 9th Graders!

It's been great getting to know your kids
so far! We teachers and students are really starting to gel and feel comfortable
together! Tonight we are finishing our last session of our
2nd series. The first series was called Follow Me - Where
we talked about prayer and following Jesus, making Him
part of our daily lives. The sessions also addressed
doubts or questions about our faith and religion.

The second series we are finishing is called Who Is God? This an in
depth series started with "Is God Really Real?" which
brought about great discussions! Next was "Is God Really
My Father?" which recognizes God the Father in the Holy
Trinity, but then discussed what our Heavenly Father can
be for us compared to our earthly fathers.

Last week we talked about "Is Jesus Really Divine?" recognizing Jesus as God the
Son in the Holy Trinity and teaching that he was human but
truly divine. Most recently our topic was "Is the Holy Spirit a
Real Person?" Recognizing God the Holy Spirit in the
Trinity and who the Holy Spirit really is for us.

I know these students have very busy lives and can feel
overwhelmed sometimes so I thank you for making it a point
to have them take the time each week to attend class. I
know how hectic things can be for them so it's my goal to
make our time together not be a waste of their precious
time by teaching class material in a fun way, having a
comfortable environment, our own weekly traditions and to
be a group that has support and respect for one another
while taking away positive and uplifting information that
helps deepen their faith in God!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

God's blessings,
Melissa Terwey