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20 Questions

Brought to you by Hans Kroll

Week of March 29 Homework

10th Grade Catechism Class


Below are a set of 20 questions to ponder. In the next few weeks, I'll be sharing my answers with you. Please take some time to answer the questions on your own. You can download a printable version here.


Also, please check out the Joan of Arc film on at this link: If you need help with, all you need is to sign up with a valid email address you can sign in from a phone or a computer and say you're from St. Mary of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Long Prairie, zip code 56347.


Q & A

1) What do you believe? 
 2) What is the absolute foundation of our Catholic faith? 
 3)  What is the most important historical fact in all of human history? 
 4) What are the Gospels? 
 5) What is the Roman Catholic Church? 
 6) What is the Mass? 
 7) What is a sacrifice? 
 8) What is the doctrine of transubstantiation? 
 9) What is substance? 
 10) What are accidents (also called appearances, species or properties)? 
 11) What is faith? 
 12) What is hope? 
 13) What is charity? 
 14) What is true freedom? 
 15) What is love? 
 16) What are the two basic kinds of love? 
 17) What is the deepest expression of love? 
 18) How is our suffering valuable/meritorious? 
 19) Why do we exist? 
 20) What is God’s Providence?