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Week of April 19, 2020

10th Grade Catechism Class


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The following are the answers to the 20 Questions from the last post.

1) What do you believe?

I believe in Jesus Christ and all that he teaches through His Holy, Catholic Church.

2) What is the absolute foundation of our Catholic faith?

Belief that Jesus Christ is God, a divine Person.


3) What is the the most important historical fact in all of human history?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


4) What are the Gospels?

They are historically accurate accounts of the life of Jesus Christ as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


5) What is the Roman Catholic Church?

lt is the True Church founded by Christ on St. Peter and the apostles.


6) What is a sacrifice?

The willful surrender of something precious.


7) What is the Mass?

lt is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. lt is the sacrifice of Calvary re-presented in an un-bloody manner. ln the Mass, as at Calvary, it is the same Jesus Christ willingly offering Himself for us.

8) What is the doctrine of transubstantiation?

ln the Mass, at the words of consecration, the whole substance of the bread and wine are changed into the whole person of Christ. The accidents, or changeable properties, of the bread and wine remain.

9) What is substance?

lt is the 'it-ness' of something that exists in itself. lt cannot be divided. It cannot be scientifically known.


10) What are accidents (also called appearances, species or properties)?

Those things which cannot exist in themselves but must adhere to a substance for their existence.

11) What is faith?

lt is the supernatural gift enabling us to believe with our minds all that God has revealed.


12) What is hope?

lt is the supernatural gift enabling us to trust in the promises made by Christ, that if we cooperate with His grace we will be saved.

13) What is charity?

lt is the supernatural gift enabling us to love God for His own sake and to love others out of love for Him.

14) What is true freedom?

True freedom is knowing and choosing only what is good and right.

15) What is love?

Love is doing what is good and pleasing for the one you love. It is an act of the will not the emotions.


16) What are the two basic kinds of love?

SeIf love and selfless love.

17) What is the deepest expression of love?

lt is the willingness to suffer for the one you love, especially if they are the cause of the suffering.

18) How is our suffering valuable/meritorious/redemptive?

Christ redeemed suffering in, with and through His passion. He made suffering meritorious provided that we in, with and through His grace willingly embrace the crosses that enter our lives and unite them with the Christ as our Savior. These sufferings may by physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, but all suffering is valuable.

19) Why do we exist?

To know, love and serve God in this life so we might live with Him in eternal happiness.

20) What is God's Providence?

God's plan with a purpose, brought about by either His positive will or His permissive (secondary cause) will. Nothing is outside the providence of God.


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