Elementary Lessons

December classes continue online and at home.

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See below for 1st-5th Grade RE and First Communion class schedules.

Dec 2
1st-5th Grade RE (online Lesson 8+)
First Communion- Continue working on Session 3
Dec 9
1st-5th Grade RE (online Lesson 9+)
First Communion- pick up materials from 3-5pm or by appointment at the Family Center
Dec 16
1st-5th Grade RE (online Lesson 10+)
First Communion-- Sesssion 4

Dec 23
1st-5th Grade RE Prize Deadline!
First Communion-- Session 5

Please contact Jenna Miller with questions about First Communion.



You can find the Discover program at the following links:

3rd Graders: https://mlearn.smp.org/learn/section/11445

4th Graders: https://mlearn.smp.org/learn/section/11444

5th Graders: https://mlearn.smp.org/learn/section/11443

Contact Amanda Hinson at 218-251-2155 with questions.