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The Catholic 'collective' approach could be used again to support labor

NCR Today: Renewed awareness that the greatest push-back against owner control and for labor dignity wouldn't have happened without the dedication and tenacity of Catholics who were inspired by the church's 19th-century social doctrine therefore seems more than timely.

Judge: Catholic agency must consider same-sex couples for foster placement

A federal judge ruled plaintiffs including Catholic Social Services of the Philadelphia Archdiocese must provide home assessments for same-sex couples wishing to provide foster care.

Central African bishops distance themselves from group promising violence

Catholic bishops in the Central African Republic have distanced themselves from a group that is promising to defend the church and avenge the deaths of priests.

Morning Briefing

Morning Briefing: Catholic #MeToo victims, advocates face backlash; Mary of Magdala's connection to Jesus; the various paths of religious life; Muslim candidates running for office; Church of England fears narcisstic clergy; Philippine president picks a fight with Catholic Church

Controversial climate fix poses new question: Is geoengineering playing God?

Some organizations are urging religious groups to consider more controversial ways to avert climate catastrophe.  One possible climate change solution in particular is getting more attention now: geoengineering.